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To be a successful Amazon Online Arbitrage seller, you should spend less time sourcing for deals, and spend more time on other things that will help grow your business.

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Our team of Virtual Assistants are dedicated to finding only the best and profitable OA deals for you.

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Our Platform is deliberately designed to empower you with the information you need to make buying decisions easier; You are welcome to instantly replace a deal that’s not suitable for you.

What you will find on our Online Arbitrage Deal List

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  • Profit
  • Source price
  • ROI
  • Category
  • Amazon price
  • Weight
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  • Source link
  • Amazon link
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Why use Our FBA Lead List?

We take the quality of our FBA lead lists very seriously; Every deal is reviewed by our in-house Quality Analysts using multiple validation techniques. Deals are also reviewed every 24 hours to ensure they still meet our quality standards.

Manually sourced deals

Manually Sourced Deals

30% Roi

Minimum 30% ROI

No fragile or large goods

No Fragile or Large Goods.


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new leads

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All Deals are Vetted with
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It’s like having your own Virtual Assitant!

With our SuperBuy feature, you buy out the competition.

Most Online Arbitrage deal sheet services sell a single OA Lead to so many people leading to serious competition. Our Superbuy feature prevents that by offering you exclusive access to a deal.

Superbuy is perfect for thinning out the competition, preventing undercutting, and reducing oversaturation.

This is a first-of-its-kind feature in the Amazon Online Arbitrage Industry and it could change your FBA game in a huge way. Once you superbuy a deal, no one else can view or buy it.

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2 minute Crash Course on Amazon
Online Arbitrage

Amazon Online Arbitrage is simply buying a product from online retail websites like Costco at
a reduced price and reselling the item for profit on Amazon. Here’s an example of how it looks.

Taking advantage of that price gap between the retail website and Amazon is arbitrage,
and it is completely legal!

So where does One Good Deal come in?

Finding these items selling at reduced prices on retail websites and comparing them to Amazon prices,
ensuring they are fast selling and comply with the Amazon reselling rules is called sourcing. Sourcing is
time consuming and can get frustrating. One Good Deal takes away this hassle and provides a
continuous stream of these profitable fast selling products, we call them Online Arbitrage Deals
or Online Arbitrage Leads.

There are other types of sourcing including Retail Arbitrage, but One Good Deal is focused on
Amazon Online Arbitrage sourcing - on One Good Deal you will find a continuous stream of
products that can be resold on Amazon.com (USA) or Amazon.co.uk (United Kingdom) for a profit.

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What do we look out for when sourcing
Amazon online arbitrage

price history

Price History

While selling on Amazon via Amazon Online Arbitrage, the price history of an item tells a story, it’s one of the most important factors for deciding whether a deal is right for you. We use several seller tools to check the 60 and 90 day price of the item on Amazon to see if it's consistently profitable

scam website

Scam Websites

Because our team goes the extra mile to find products from stores you’d never heard of at prices you won’t believe, we make sure to check the authenticity of the source website using several in house methods, this process ensures that you don't fall victim to fraudulent retailers.

fba sellers

Number of FBA Sellers

We look out for a number of Amazon sellers on a listing in relation to the number of sales i.e. are there enough sales to go around?

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